"....We both feel the book has good spiritual content and the layout is conductive to good Bible study. We were also impressed with the ethnic balance of the artwork throughout the publication and wish you God's blessing as the material is distributed throughout the Division...."

G. Edward Reid, Former Stewardship Director
J. Alfred Johnson II, Adult & Prison Ministries Director
North American Division Conference

"....This is a tremendous new concept for the use of Steps to Christ in the study guide form and I would recommend it to anyone to use in any ministry of bringing people to Jesus."

James W. Gilley, Former President
3 Angels Broadcasting Network

"....For either personal study and devotion, or for group study and interaction, I would highly recommend Steps to Christ Bible Study Guide."

Stephen Orian, President
Arkansas Louisiana Conference

"...This is a fantastic idea and it has been done with a professional look and in a user friendly approach. I believe that thousands will develop a closer relationship with our Lord as a result of it. Particularly this guide will be of great help to our schools and youth Sabbath school programs. May the Lord bless this fine work."

Carlos Pardeiro, CEO, KSBN Safe TV
President Creation Enterprises International

"As a pastor, many items come across my desk. When I received the Steps to Christ Bible Study Guide I was immediately interested. Let me suggest to you that a timeless classic in book form has become a timeless classic in Bible study form also. Thank you for this wonderful tool and making it available for my ministry."

Elder James K. Rainwater, Pastor

"Thank you for publishing the Steps to Christ Bible Study Guide. I've had many calls requesting such an item but have not found one as appealing and as well done as yours. The features that I like about this study guide is that the student actually opens his Bible to answer the questions thus interacting the Bible with Steps to Christ. I've had good success in selling them at our camp meetings and in our store and expect to sell many more..."

Agnaldo de Castro, ABC Manager

"The Steps to Christ Bible Study Guide offers a masterful presentation of Ellen White's life-changing masterpiece on successful Christian living. Through a question and answer format, it has effectively amplified the spiritual applications of her powerful publication. This study guide is a useful tool to anyone desiring to effectively examine the central issues of the Christian faith. I certainly recommend it. I know it will be a blessing to every teacher who utilizes it to share the gospel message and to every student who seeks spiritual truth."

Elder Rick Odle, Former Pastorial Director
Three Angels Broadcasting Network