The Format and Study Guide Features

Bible Study Guide - Revelation Publication produced materials point you to Scripture to find your answer then we have placed the Spirit of Prophecy in the guide following your Bible-based answer as commentary. No additional book is required to accompany the guide. The student is doubly blessed for having direct interaction with the Bible first and the Spirit of Prophecy second.

Format - All our guides are Christ centered and easy to complete. A question is posed and a reference (or multiple texts) is given for the reader to find an answer directly from Scripture and enter the answer on multiple blank lines provided in the guide. A brief commentary then follows.

Construction - All of our Bible study guides (except Promise of Peace) are constructed of very high quality paper and cover. They are perfect bound with heavy lamination.

Related Texts - Our latest study guides have "Related Texts" following the text that you use to answer the question. This affords the student the opportunity to gain more Bible based insight on that particular subject matter dealt with in the question.

Compatible to any Bible - Our format allows the study to be completed with any version of Scriptures.The question is asked and the student can derive an answer up in any version of the Scriptures.

Answer Key Provided - Located in the back of each guide is a complete answer section for those who don't have a Bible or want to verify their answers. The answer may not match yours perfectly but the basic meaning should be clear. The answer key would need to be removed when using the guides for a student to teacher application such as one-on-one study, a Bible school or for classroom use.

Visual Appeal - All guides have brilliant, high quality covers. At the beginning of each chapter there are modern illustrations. These feature drawings or pictures pertaining to the subject matter. The individuals pictured are from a wide diversity of ethnic backgrounds.

Response Questions - At the end of each chapter there are response questions stimulating the student to a decision about the material covered in that chapter.

Graduation Certificate - Located in the back of the guide is a certificate of achievement that may be removed by the student and have signed by an instructor when applicable.