Personal Testimonies

“Please I need more Bible studies to fill the need to feed my soul”

Saulito in Guatemala

“We warmly thank you for uploading many bible study guides. These have preached here to those who do not know or believe in Jesus Christ…”

Nupho refugee camp
Adventist youth in Umphang

“Thank you for these lessons, I need spiritual help in this tough battle of the mind”

Carlos Rosas Rodriguez
in Lima-Peru

“Good Day in the Lord Jesus! I am a pastor in Iloilo and we wish to express our thanks to you for making the Bible Studies available on line. I have downloaded the Steps to Christ. I will be reading them and plan to use them in our church. I would like to ask for your permission to reprint them … Thank you very much and God bless. :-)”

Reynaldo Del Rosario
in Iloilo City, Philippines

"Today as I sat upon my bed I watched as an inmate who had received a Bible study course from your ministry walk from inmate to inmate offering it to anyone who would be interested. As he approached me I knew this was a calling from God to do my first Bible study. Now I can say without a doubt that another mans misfortune has become my blessing..."

Joseph Brown, Inmate
Missouri Department of Corrections

"Thanks again for the Bible studies! God is revealing things to me through these studies. It's as if light bulbs are blinking "on" in my head as I enjoy doing them. God is so amazing. I am so thrilled that my husband has decided to do them also. God has been working wonders in our lives!"

Mrs. Loetta Brown

"My brother in Christ I am finding the lessons of good help in all ways. Also you need to know how much God is moving here in this prison with the Bible lessons you send. I have spoke to many here who are doing or have done them and all are blessed..."

Richard Brockunier, Inmate
Arkansas Department of Corrections

"Thank you for sharing the Steps to Christ Bible study lessons with me. I have never taken any lessons like these they have helped me tremendously in my walk with Christ. I have found them to be founded on the Bible, easy to do, and very helpful. I thank you and your church that stands behind you for bringing me closer to Jesus."

Mark Weis

"I was very glad to receive the first lesson in your Step to Christ series! I have enjoyed it tremendously and been very blessed! Praise God even in this prison He has set me free!"

Laurie Goolsby, Inmate
Oklahoma Department of Corrections

"I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Bible studies. They and you have been a great comfort to me and cause of my spiritual growth. I thank you so much..."

Michey Marsh

"I really enjoyed this Bible study it was my first one in my life and I'm growing in God every day. I just want to thank you and pray you will send me more soon!"

Bruce Price